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Taking Dumplings to New Heights

We wanted to take dumplings to a whole new level by combining our love of fine cuisine and dumplings to create gourmet dumplings — while keeping the flavours accessible with down-to-earth Kiwi favourite taste combinations like Smoky Bacon & Pork, Chicken & Mushrooms as well as using New Zealand's traditional sweet potato for one of the vegetarian dumplings, but taking it to the next level by making Kumara, Walnut and Spinach Dumplings.

The addition of custom made gourmet sauces and garnishes completes each dish to make something truly standout and special.

Come and visit us in Press Hall Eatery, 80 Willis Street, Wellington and discover your favourite flavour today.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 11am - 4pm


Press Hall Eatery
80 Willis Street

T: 027-233 7024

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